Monday, September 21, 2020

Planned power outage - September 23rd

We have a planned outage scheduled from 8 am to 12 pm on Wednesday 9/23/20 to make some necessary repairs affecting approximately 10 residents in White, Belvidere and Liberty. The residents affected by the outage received the below automated phone message informing them of the outage.


“Hello. This message is from JCP&L, your electric company. On September 23 2020 there will be an emergency interruption to your electric service in order to make repairs to utility pole on Lewis Lane. The outage will impact customers in the vicinity of Lakeside Drive, Lewis Lane, Mountain Lake Road, Shady Lane and Wood Road. You will experience a service interruption for approximately four hours. This outage is necessary for the safety of the emergency responders and to prevent equipment damage that would cause a longer outage. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we perform this emergency work. To hear this message again, please remain on the line.”

JCP&L Transmission Line Inspections - Low Flying Helicopter Patrol

Please be advised that Chesapeake Bay Helicopters (CBH) will be conducting an inspection of JCP&L transmission lines in Northern New Jersey today. 

The pilot will be in communication with any local airports, when in their airspace. The helicopter will be flying at a speed of about 25-35 mph above or alongside the lines and may circle around for a closer inspection.

The helicopter is black with tail number N748CB.   

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Naloxone Distribution Points


Naloxone Distribution at Participating Pharmacies

NJ Human Services is making the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone available for free September 24th to 26th at participating pharmacies throughout New Jersey.

The distribution is part of the Murphy Administration’s continued effort to combat the opioid crisis. New Jerseyans will be able to visit participating pharmacies and anonymously obtain naloxone for free without a prescription or an appointment. Each naloxone pack contains two doses.

Naloxone can reverse overdoses from opioids by blocking the effects of opioids on the brain.

Those who obtain naloxone will also be given information regarding addiction treatment and recovery through Reach NJ, a 24-hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week addictions hotline where people who have Substance Use Disorder (SUD) or friends and family of people with SUD can get immediate assistance and support from live, New Jersey-based, trained addiction counselors.
An individual who calls the program’s toll-free number, 844-ReachNJ 
(732-2465), will reach a live staff member who will help connect you to treatment.

Visit one of these participating pharmacies to get free naloxone:


2 Upper Sarepta Road




(908) 475-5747

Acme Pharmacy

152 State Rte 94




(908) 362-1799

North Warren Pharmacy Gift And Floral

155 State Rt 94




(908) 362-5156


85 Main St.




(908) 852-2024


755 Memorial Pky (Us Hwy 22)




(908) 859-1812

Shoprite Pharmacy Of Greenwich

1207 Route #22




(908) 454-8086

Stop And Shop Pharmacy

1278 Us Highway 22






1300 Us Highway 22




(908) 454-3622


354 State Route 57 West




(908) 689-8561

Shoprite Pharmacy Of Washington

2 Clubhouse Dr.




(908) 835-0761


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Office Coverage Tuesday, 15 September and Wednesday, 16 September

I am in the office Tuesday, 15 September and Wednesday, 16 September .


From 10 am through 1:30 pm I shall be participating in a webinar

and unable to answer the phone. 


Any messages left shall be promptly answered at the conclusion of the webinar on each day. 

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the day

Friday, September 11, 2020

JCP&L update on outages - 9/10/2020

 We understand everyone's frustration with the recent power outages.  I have been in touch with our JCP&L liaison, who reports that the issue is with faulty insulators on the transmission lines at the Oxford substation.  They are working on identifying and repairing the equipment.  We will update as we receive more information.

Mayor John Inscho

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Mosquito treatment scheduled for September 11th

 The Warren County Mosquito Control Commission is planning a treatment for adult mosquito control in your townships.  Please share this information with your residents.    Please let your residents know that they can call us or visit our website for more information or with questions/concerns. 


 The following application will be made with a truck-mounted ultra- low volume sprayer.  The truck is well marked as a mosquito commission vehicle.  The application will be made as close to sunset as possible in order to increase its contact with actively flying mosquitoes. Spraying for adult mosquitoes is done on a limited and very localized basis to protect the public health from mosquito-borne illnesses. 


Date of application:

Friday September 11, 2020

Time of Application:

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Brand Name and Active Ingredient of Pesticide:

Deltagard Insecticide (EPA Reg # 432-1534) Active ingredient Deltamethrin


Zenivex E4 (EPA Reg # 2724-807) Active Ingredient Etofenprox

Location of Application:

HARMONY- Allen Mills Rd, Fox Farm Rd, Richline Rd


Alvin Sloan Ave, Carlton St,  Carlton Ave, Lambert St, Miller Ave, Wayne St, W. Warren St

LIBERTY- Hope Rd (Between Farview & Prince Edward Rds)

KNOWLTON- Route 46, Watergap View Ave, N. Riverview Ave, Orchard Ave, Brookside Ave, Midland Ave, Riverview Ave, Pine Tree Lane

Name and License Number of Certified Pesticide Applicator:

Andrew Flohn – Applicator License #53233B

Rodell Buckley – Operator License #75548C

Jennifer Gruener – Applicator License #25339B

Stephanie Oliphant – Applicator License #56231B

Anastasia Giordano – Applicator License #58642B

Warren County Paper Shredding Event - Sept. 19th 8AM to 11AM

Warren County Free Paper Shredding Event

                                                    September 19, 2020 - 8AM to 11AM

Warren County Administration Building, 165 Rt. 519 South, Belvidere, NJ 07823

New Rules and Requirements

Please Read Carefully

 You MUST be a resident of Warren County and will asked from what municipality you reside.

 Commercial business records are NOT accepted.

 A MAXIMUM of 50 lbs. per vehicle.

 Documents to be shredded must be in boxes or paper/plastic bags.

 Do NOT tape or tie boxes or paper/plastic bags.

 Boxes or paper/plastic bags containing documents to shred MUST BE in the trunk or back hatch area of your vehicle.

 PRIOR to arriving, you MUST empty your trunk or rear hatch area and leave only the boxes or paper/plastic bags containing documents to be shredded in that area.

 When approaching the shredder, open your trunk and/or unlock your hatch from the inside and REMAIN in your vehicle, and keep your windows closed.

 There WILL NOT be an option to leave your vehicle and watch your documents shredded due to COVID-19 precautions to ensure safety for all. 

If you have any questions, please call Warren County Recycling @ 908-475-6533.