Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mosquito Control Plan

An aerial pesticide application for mosquito control is planned.  A granular substance (resembling kitty litter) will be applied to standing water, by aircraft, for the control of immature mosquitoes by the Warren County Mosquito Commission.

Locations:               Mountain Lake Woods

Date:                      Wednesday August 16, 2017
Alternate Date:       August 17 or 18, 2017
Time:                     7am- 7pm
Aerial Contractor:  Rebecca Lynn Flying Service, Inc.  (RLFS)
Aircraft:                 Cessna Ag Reg # N4890R

Information/Questions please call the Warren County Mosquito Commission:
                              908.453.3585  (Monday-Friday 8-4)
                              908.887.3246 or 2757 (After hours & weekends)